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There were 105,237 people experiencing homelessness in Australia on census night in 2011. This equated to 1 in 200 Australians, and represented an increase of 17% from the 2006 census, with the rate of homelessness increasing from 45 per 10,000 to 49 per 10,000.

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of homelessness in Australia. Homelessness can be the result of many social, economic and health-related factors.  People can become homeless after many years of experiencing poverty, poor relationships and drug, alcohol or mental health issues.

Possibly one of the most widely expressed myths is that homeless people would not be homeless except for the fact they don’t want to get a job. First, many homeless people are employed while some even have two jobs. Usually, these people sleep under some kind of shelter.

Crisis for Homeless – Sunday Mail – Adelaide April 29 2018  – Exclusive Report by Matt Smith . Youth on the streets : Our homeless crisis deepens.

Youth Homelessness in Adelaide has been compared with a hospital emergency department from which no one ever escapes. State Government is spending $10, 000 a day on an emergency hotel room lottery ( Housing SA Figures ) . Totalling $3.85 million a year.

The average ages between 16 and 24. In January only 13 young people repeated the process every day for the entire month.

SYC Shelter has only 20 emergency shelter beds but receive 450 calls out for help every month. A 93% increase in young people approaching SYC shelter for assistance.

A Housing SA spokesperson said the agency kept data on approved emergency accommodation provided, but it did not keep data on the number of requests that were not approved. 

What is the current state of street homelessness in Adelaide? 

On any given night there are estimated to be up to 120 people sleeping rough in the Adelaide inner city, with the inner city area indicated as having the highest level of street homelessness in South Australia. While the available data about sleeping rough in Adelaide is not definitive on numbers.

Why does homelessness generate so much debate and confusion? 

While there should be no difficulty in understanding the nature of the problem, there is indeed a great deal of confusion and debate. Service providers, policy makers, researchers, citizens and politicians tend to use the term in many different ways. The confusion is due to conceptual imprecision, fuzzy boundaries, the influence of political agendas, the heterogeneity of the homeless population, and the assumptions and attitudes of the housed population.

Defining homelessness for policy and program purposes (i.e., taking action) requires compromises between concerns for social injustice, economic realities and political expediency. It requires some authority or combination of authorities – levels of Government, in partnership with agencies and charities – to take responsibility. Taking responsibility means allocating resources and imposing regulations and changes in those institutions and practices which are producing homelessness, and which stand in the way of addressing existing and preventing further homelessness.

The confusion and inaction is also attributable to the fact that homelessness is the outcome of a very complex set of social processes.



Website dedicated to the Homeless

The main purpose of this project is to dramatically decrease the amount of people living rough on our streets.

A room for a homeless person donated by an Angel. This website is specifically designed to house people living rough on our streets . Everyday Australians can advertise a room on this site either for short term or long term.

Domestic violence is the number one reason people find themselves living on the streets.  This website can be specifically designed to house these people for short term.

For those that find themselves living on the streets for long periods , then we would cater this website to find a room for long term with a range of rehabilitation and counselling support networks.


Project Principles 

This projects main objective and Commitment is to provide immediate access to safe and appropriate supported accommodation for people sleeping rough on our streets . Also making sure that we have the right support networks in place to sustain it.

To also begin the process to ending people sleeping rough on our streets. This project will not accept any money in the way of donations or use the vulnerability of homeless people in generating funds.

The generosity of every day Australians donating a room to a homeless person .

Three categories for donating a room fall under the following :

Category One

A room for up to 3 Months – Emergency Accommodation : mainly targeted at Youth ( 16 to 24 ) and domestic violence.

Category Two

Long Term Accommodation – Up to 3 years –  on going support with a  range of rehabilitation , counselling and training networks available .

Category Three

Any of the following donations excepted : Blankets, computers, toiletries, lotions, clothing, furniture. Upload photos of items and pick up will be organised.

When will ads be live 

All Ads will go through a strategic and stringent process before it is finally given approval to be advertised on line.

Advantages of this Project

  • This project will cater for the overflow of people waiting to get into permanent housing or homeless shelters.
  • Housing SA is already placing people into hotels and supported housing. This would be no different, except there is no charge. This would save Housing SA the time and money.
  • Housing SA and homeless shelters  are turning away hundreds of desperate and vulnerable people every week. This project would cater for these individuals.
  • It will reduce or almost stop criminal syndicates taking advantage of Australians , acting as homeless people.
  • It will also stop organisations using the vulnerability of the homeless to generate funds for their own running costs.
  • It will definitely reduce the amount of people living rough on our streets , especially those that are homeless  as a result of domestic violence.
  • It will never accept money as a donation.
  • It can be used anywhere in the world.
  • A website dedicated in supporting and housing those that are most vulnerable.
  • It will take a lot of pressure off Government agencies, and also save them Millions .


Involving the community in this project in providing opportunities for people to play a meaningful part in helping to assist each individual persons needs.

Grants SA – Minister for Communities and Social inclusion  / Minister for Social housing / minister for the status of women/ Minister for ageing/ Minister for Multicultural Affairs/ Minister for Youth/ Minister for Volunteers .

A collaboration between Housing SA and Youth Acts Of Kindness to lead this project.

Many Government Agencies, Members of Parliament and all of our stakeholders and supporters.


  Establish  A Website  

Who can advertise on this site ? 

  • Every day Australians
  • Rooming House Hostels
  • Backpackers Hostel
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Student accommodation
  • Specialist Services (counsellors) can also advertise their voluntary services .Health, mental health, drug and alcohol, youth, domestic and family violence, justice and corrections, and aged and disability sectors.

Supported Accommodation is responsible for housing 27% of homeless people. Our target is to increase this number dramatically. 

Who Can book a room for a homeless person ?

Housing SA will house each person into appropriate accommodation. Making sure that the room is safe and suitable for the person moving in . Their needs will have to be the utmost priority and making sure that special services are made available to each person .

Rooms can be inspected and once approved they can then be allocated to the appropriate homeless person , making sure that each room has access to a shower, toilets and clean linen.

Costs setting up Website

Youth Acts Of Kindness will be designing a website . We anticipate that it will be ready for use early 2019. All expenses will be paid by Youth Acts Of Kindness.


Who Will Operate This Website

Youth Acts Of kindness ( A Registered Charity ) has a proven track record of creating projects that support those that are most vulnerable. Also registered as a Charity and has the support of many Government agencies , Members of Parliament, a large network of  stakeholders and supporters.