Settlement Services


 Settlement Services Provided By St Elias Community 

Our Community Assistance program supports new migrants and vulnerable people.

Our Charity delivers essential services such as daily meals, emergency food parcels, crisis and welfare support. We also have a network of services that support vulnerable people .

This has become extremely popular and we are struggling to supply the demand. This has prompted us to work closely with the South Australian Government and Grants SA in supporting our organisation in opening an office to deliver this project to a larger target group with more services available to assist the most vulnerable.


Migration can place great stress on families, particularly arrivals who come from diverse Social and cultural backgrounds. New arrivals may find that Australian attitudes (and Legislation) regarding gender roles and rights differ considerably from their prior experience. Australian parenting practices may contrast with those of their country of origin.

Parents May also feel concerned that their children are losing their cultural identity, leading to Anxiety and family conflict. Developing greater awareness and understanding of Australian social and cultural norms is an important part of settlement. Information on gender roles, parenting practices, and Rights and responsibilities under Australian law may help entrants to adapt to life in Australia.

Being part of a cohesive community in Australia assists new arrivals to better negotiate the settlement experience, combat feelings of isolation, and in turn, provide support to more recent entrants.

It is important to foster the ability of newly arrived communities to organise and engage with governments, service providers and the Australian community at large. The most effective strategies for community building and development need to come from communities themselves.

St Elias provides the security and confidence that someone is there to offer advice, help manage their settlement while setting up all the Government obligations and requirements.

Financially we are currently not able to provide this service to all the new migrants that approach us for assistance.  We are currently working hard to open an office that will be available for all migrants in assisting them with all the settlement services. This service will be available 24 hours a a day, 7 days a week which is exactly what is needed .

Governance Structure 

Archimandrite Basilios (Kodseie)

Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Diocese 

Parish Priest – father Georges El Tahan

Fr. Georges  Our Parish priest operates a mobile community assistance program. This program is dedicated in assisting the South Australian community in all of life’s challenges.


Executive Committee

  • Chairperson – Peter Kartabani –(Sets the dates for meetings, Agenda for discussions and decisions, Meets with the members). Send out quarterly newsletter. Applies for Various Government Grants. Making sure that information reaches our community through social media and hard copy.
  • Vice Chairperson – Fouad Madi – Responsible for Sponsorship. Events and Functions.
  • Secretary – Dallal Rachou : (Maintains the members logs, maintains the minutes for meetings , contacts members for any issues, plans the obtainment of new members)
  • Sunday School Teachers : Dallal Rachou, Marianne Daher, Janet Kartabani and Christine Madi – Responsible for operating the Sunday school.
  • Treasurer – Fouad Madi- Maintainsthe accounts, prepares the financial situation. Comes up with new innovative ideas of generating income.
  • Events Sub – Committee – Youla Haddad, Habib Boutros, Sassine Toulaiki, Chris Zakhour, Minty Kartabani, Ramza Rachou, Brandon Kartabani, Doris Madi, Alexandra Boutros, Araxi, Janet haidar, Lala Ghanem, Fouad Madi, Dallal Rachou, Chantel Bonici .–  They are responsible for taking on the role of organizing and putting together a draft of events for the year. Events are also updated to our social media program. Setting up a data base of business sponsors and making sure that our sponsors are shown appreciation.
  • Youth Representatives – Fouad Madi and Piere Fayad – Responsible for organizing anything that includes our youth. From advertising to organizing events. Social media must be utilized as a major tool in connecting with our youth. This must enable us to connect with our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Women’s Committee Representative – Alexandra Boutros  – Responsible for meeting with our ladies committee and organising events dedicated for women. Also showing appreciation to all the women that volunteer their time to Church functions.
  • Youth Support Crew – Brandon Kartabani, Mariam kartabani, Joshua Kartabani, Terese Mazzone, Chris Zakhour, Christina Madi, Daniella Hannouche, Joey Hannouch, Johanna Boutros, Nicole Zakhour, Rebecca Moukachar , Riccardo Moukachar, Elias Rachou.

Migration Partner

Amarjit Anand Singh: Executive officer (Migration Lawyer)

Amarjit is responsible for all Migration and Legal matters. With over 25 years experience in Law practicing in India, England and now Australia Amarjit will handle each case with due diligence and expertise. Upon your first consultation you will know exactly where you stand.


 All of our services are non for profit and provided free to all new migrants

  • On Arrival Reception and Assistance, which includes meeting eligible entrants on arrival, taking them to suitable accommodation, providing initial orientation and meeting any emergency needs for medical attention or clothing and footwear
  • Accommodation Services, which helps entrants to find appropriate and affordable accommodation and provides them with basic household goods to start establishing their own household in Australia, and
  • Short Term Torture and Trauma Counselling Services, which provides an assessment of needs, a case plan, referral for torture and trauma counselling and raises awareness among other health care providers of health issues arising from torture and trauma experiences 

Airport Pick up service: St Elias  can organise to pick you up from the airport and take you to your desired destination. We can advise on temporary shared accommodation with people from similar cultural backgrounds.

Free seminars:  Do you want to know more about St Elias and more importantly how we can help you then call our office and book a free seminar…

 Interpreters: St Elias have members that are available to interpret at any time.

Accommodation: St Elias can arrange suitable permanent or temporary accommodation, which is affordable close to transport and shops. Suitable accommodation close to your college or University may be pre arranged. In most cases homes come furnished, with multiple wet areas and good kitchen facilities to accommodate a more relaxed friendly lifestyle.

Demographics : This project covers the whole of Adelaide Metropolitan area.

Training: St Elias :  provides its members with all the appropriate advice and training necessary to get into their chosen field. From the interview process to arranging their resume and character references .

 Finding Work:  We start with looking at your resume and which particular field you would like to pursue. We help you draft up a professional resume which is suited to the job of interest. We then help you present yourself with many interview scenarios. We also find potential candidates for you to apply for appropriate career paths .Some new arrivals have considerable work experience and qualifications and are thus able to make the transition to working in Australia quickly. They may, however, need information on how to access employment programs and gain recognition of overseas qualifications. AWP creates opportunities for skilled migrants.

Barista program : We have our own Barista training course that can also lead into employment . This is conducted on site at our Parish – 17 Herbert RD West Croydon.   

Mental health Program : St Elias has it’s own Grow mental health program that can assist any person dealing with social problems or any other mental related matters. 

Community Assistance Program: St Elias has its own community assistance program and in 2017 was Granted a vehicle by Grants SA to expand it’s services across Adelaide and deliver the program to more people.

Kid’s carnival :  Financially helping families living with an illness : In 2018 St Elias  conducted a kid’s carnival . The purpose of this carnival is to assist families living with an illness . We presented the Enzo Cornejo trust account with a cheque of over $11,000. This has become so popular that we have decided to make this a yearly event.

Adult Migrant English Program

The Adult Migrant English Program is to provide English classes to eligible adult migrants since . It is designed to teach migrants functional English in order to enable them to settle successfully into Australia, providing the basic language skills necessary to deal with everyday social situations and some work situations.

Eligible migrants have a legislative entitlement (under the Immigration (Education) Act 1971) to study English for up to 510 hours or until they reach functional English, whichever comes first. Additional tuition is available to humanitarian migrants with limited education or difficult pre-migration experiences such as torture or trauma.

Classes are delivered by contracted service providers who specialise in teaching English as a second language. Service providers assess new arrivals for eligibility for the program, arrange free childcare for students with under-school age children while the parent attends class, and provide ongoing educational counselling to help clients plan for future study.

Career opportunities: St Elias gives life changing opportunities for skilled migrants. If you are a migrant and have any skill just approach us for a free in house seminar .We will make time to listen and then assess all avenues to create a career path with endless opportunities.  

Social participation: Arriving in an unfamiliar country, often with limited understanding of English, some new arrivals need assistance to make social connections. Adapting to a new social environment can be daunting and entrants may lack the confidence to seek out opportunities for social engagement. Entrants with low-level English language skills and those settling in rural areas can be particularly vulnerable to social isolation and possible discrimination. St Elias can install confidence in the individual to break down these barriers enable ling them to interact through a sponsored support network. 

Health: New arrivals experience the same challenges as other Australians in accessing health care services including the limited availability of general practitioners (particularly bulk-billing Providers), dentists, optometrists, ophthalmologists and other medical specialists. However, entrants may need additional guidance to understand the Australian health system, the role of Medicare, what services are available. 

Insurance: St Elias has an association with many insurance agencies .

Drivers licence: St Elias has accredited driver training providers and in most cases we can give you a fixed price. Once successful this opens doors to many opportunities of employment.

Car Purchase Plan: St Elias has contacts with a second hand motor dealers licence to sell and buy cars.   

Finance: St Elias community can have that peace of mind that if they get into a position where they need some small amount of money we can help. St Elias can lend small loans to members but we work out a plan where you can also pay back that loan with minimal interest paid. this is mainly directed at Students . St Elias can take out all the guesswork out of borrowing money as we have many years experience in this particular field.

Migration: St Elias can help you achieve your dream of Permanent Residency. We can help you change your Visa status or represent you in any disputes with immigration. We have an Indian Migration Lawyer with 25 years experience in all aspects of law and migration.   

Education and training for young migrants:  St Elias non for profit Sunday school


To become a volunteer please contact our office for further details

Many school-aged humanitarian entrants will be unfamiliar with a school environment; some may have no prior formal education and may not be literate in their own language, as well as in English. These children may need assistance with homework and projects to help reinforce lessons and encourage confidence. Entrants may also need help to develop specific skills necessary for academic achievement such as giving presentations and writing reports and essays. Parents with limited education experience are likely to have limited capacity to assist their children with study. St Elias has an existing Sunday School free to all new migrants.