New Projects & Charities

  • Safer Communities Round 4
  • Safer Communities Fund Round 4 – 2019 – To be implemented 2020 and 2021
    The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has supported and approved a Grant for our community to upgrade all of our security on site. A total of $177,165, excluding GST. To deliver safer communities by: Protecting children who are at risk of attack, harassment or violence stemming from racial or religious intolerance.  
  • We can only imagine what it is like for families that are facing some sort of serious disease. Then imagine them going through financial hardship. We approach families regularly and assist them through difficult times. The small contribution that we can make goes a long way in supporting these families.

We have taken a new direction and set policies and procedures in place where we can create projects that are directly related in supporting each individual. By listening we respect each person’s rights and privacy while at the same time creating a situation that assists them through the difficult times.

Our position exists to help those that are most vulnerable and as we move into 2020 we respect the past and at the same time create new innovative ideas to suit the present.


Kid’s Carnival 2018

Our Kid’s Carnival was an absolute success. We raised Over 15K  (After expenses )  . We have  presented a cheque of $11590.10 to the Enzo Cornejo trust account .  This will help the family with travelling expenses to and from Boston USA for treatment for Enzo. We will be supporting the Enzo Cornejo fund throughout the year.


Grow – Health Program – Supported by the Multicultural Infrastructure fund upgrade of community facilities. A proven program for mental wellbeing. – The more we share, the more we talk, the more chance we can break down the stigma within our community about this Illness. One in four under the age of 25 has a mental illness of some sort. If we are able to talk about it and support those that are isolated we can maybe save a life.
We will set up this program with the help of Grow. This program is not just directed to our youth. It is open to all ages. Our experience has leaded us to believe that this is a growing issue and receiving professional help is more difficult than we think. Also some professional agencies are no longer accepting new patience. Other agencies are booked up 4 to 6 weeks. Not many people can afford the charges of some of these professionals. This alone is a serious issue that each organisation like ours must take seriously.
We have created a more comfortable and welcoming venue for the South Australian Community.

Mobile Community Assistance Program – Commenced 2018

This program is proudly supported by : Foodbank, CMI Toyota and Grants SA

This enables us to deliver our existing services to the wider community. It will benefit those that are most vulnerable and especially new migrants .

With this service we have noticed that there is a growing demand for new migrants needing the appropriate services that suit their needs. The demand has been much greater than what we can handle and by opening an office we are able to cater to a much wider target group and reach so much more people.

• Settlement services program: We assist new migrants with all their settlement needs.
• Support our youth community with all types of life challenges.
• Connect with other communities to enable us to provide a wide range of support to our community.
• Deliver food hampers to those that are not so fortunate, especially around Christmas.
• Support other communities with their own projects.
• Funeral Services – We supply a wide range of support for families that have lost a loved one. We assist people with planning of their funeral .We can also help financially.
• We support the elderly with connecting them with other people their age. Isolation is a serious issue with the elderly so we try to keep them busy with many projects that involve them in connecting with other people.
• We also donate to some local charities and communities that are doing good work to benefit our south Australian community.