About Us


Archimandrite Basilios (Kodseie)

Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania Diocese


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Parish Priest – Father Nicolas Haddad

Fr. Nicolas Haddad came to South Australia in the year 2000 and has served our community since.


Executive Committee


  • Chairperson – Peter Kartabani – (Sets the dates for meetings, Agenda for discussions and decisions, Meets with the members). Send out quarterly newsletter. Applies for Various Government Grants. Making sure that information reaches our community through social media and hard copy.
  • Vice Chairperson – Fouad Madi – Responsible for Sponsorship. Events and Functions.
  • Secretary – Dallal Rachou :  (Maintains the members logs, maintains the minutes for meetings , contacts members for any issues, plans the obtainment of new members)
  • Sunday School Teachers : Josiane Rabbah, Terese Kartabani and Joyce Haddad – Responsible for operating the Sunday school.
  • Treasurer –  Sassine Toulaiki – Maintains the accounts, prepares the financial situation. Comes up with new innovative ideas of generating income.
  •  Events Sub Committee – Habib Boutros, Youla Haddad, Minty Kartabani, Sassine Toulaiki, Chris Zakhour, Alexandra Boutros, Peter Kartabani, Ramza Rachou, Brandon Kartabani, Doris Madi, Alexandra Boutros, Araxi, Janet Haidar, Lala ghanem, Fouad Madi, Dallal Rachou, Chantel Bonici .–  They are responsible for taking on the role of organizing and putting together a draft of events for the year. Events are also updated to our social media program. Setting up a data base of business sponsors and making sure that our sponsors are shown appreciation.
  • Youth Representative – Fouad Madi-  Responsible for organizing anything that includes our youth. From advertising to organizing events. Social media must be utilized as a major tool in connecting with our youth. This must enable us to connect with our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  •  Women’s Committee Representative – Alexandra Boutros  – Responsible for meeting with our ladies committee and organising events dedicated for women. Also showing appreciation to all the women that volunteer their time to Church functions.
  • Youth Support Crew –  Brandon Kartabani, Mariam kartabani, Joshua Kartabani, Terese Mazzone, Chris Zakhour, Christina Madi, Daniella Hannouche, Joey Hannouch, Johanna Boutros, Nicole Zakhour, Rebecca Moukachar , Riccardo Moukachar, Elias Rachou.